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Temporal Arteritis September 8, 2014

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Temporal Arteritis, otherwise known as Giant Cell Arteritis, is a disease that can regularly cause blindness unless treated very quickly. If diagnosed quickly, eyesight can be saved and the treatment is not difficult, the hardest thing is quick diagnosis.
Symptoms of giant cell arteritis may include headaches, jaw muscle pain while eating and vision loss, sometimes this may be accompanied by weight loss and prolonged tiredness. Getting immediate attention is important because it can lead to blindness or severe visual impairment but the treatment is as simple as taking steroids although there may be need to take them on a long term basis, even years.
I have only recently become aware of this because of a family member who had the symptoms but it was not diagnosed by medics as quickly as we would have liked and it looks as if blindness is the consequence. The same happened for a neighbour and it seems as if it may be more common than I realised. It is always worth a visit to a GP if you have worries…..getting checked is always better than ignoring it, otherwise your life could be transformed…not always for the better.

Good Quote Friday April 25, 2014

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Unfortunately, I have forgotten which book these first quotes came from – will try and recover those details and will amend


“A mentor is an acknowledged expert who is able to share experiences, past successes and failings in a manner that builds trust”

“Mentoring is an experience, not a destination”

“Recognise behaviours as well as results”

“Recognition is inexpensive – lack of recognition can be costly”

“People must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

Diving (with quote) March 11, 2014

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Diving (with quote) by thehutch
Diving (with quote), a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

Appealing to a Higher Vision February 8, 2014

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“People don’t buy newspapers. They buy news. It isn’t glasses that are purchased; it’s better vision. Women who spend big bucks for cosmetics are really trying to buy good looks. Millions of drills have been sold; yet not a single person wanted one. They are buying holes. Diet books are not sold by publicizing the evils and risks of being overweight; they’re sold by ads depicting how attractive one can become by shedding a few pounds. Athletes do not go through the agony of practice and training to avoid losing; they do it to make the team and be a winner. Appealing to a higher vision is simply helping others become not only what they are capable of becoming, but what they really want to become.” John Maxwell

What is our higher vision? On whom are our eyes fixed?

Wisdom for all people February 4, 2014

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Some wisdom works in every scenario – for parents, youth leaders, managers, bosses, vicars, in fact, for anyone! One of those pieces of wisdom is from Ken Blanchard;

Catch people doing things right

Just a simple thing but so important. We live in a society were we love to find the mistakes, pinpoint failure and highlight error, yet one of the most important things we can do for another individual is to catch them doing something right. This is more than faint praise or general thank yous’ but a specific ‘well done’.

Can you think of a time when you were thanked, encouraged or praised for doing something right? How did it make you feel? Imagine if we escalated this and used our time to do the positive work before the negative, what a difference it may make in the lives of others.

Let’s start catching people out by catching them doing things right and see what transpires.

Narrow December 3, 2013

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Whack of the Day from Roger Von Oech November 8, 2013

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when the Spanish explorer Cortez landed at Veracruz, the first thing he did after unloading his equipment was to sink his ships.

Then he gave his men a pep talk. “Men,” he told them, “you can either fight or you can die.” Sinking his ships removed a third alternative: giving up and returning home.

Great question October 6, 2013

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“What if you discovered that the least of the brethren of Jesus, the one who needs your love the most, the one you can help the most by loving, the one to whom your love will be most meaningful—what if you discovered that this least of the brethren of Jesus…is you?” Jung

Newgale Safety August 28, 2013

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Newgale Safety by thehutch
Newgale Safety, a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

wisdom July 23, 2013

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watching wisdom by thehutch
watching wisdom, a photo by thehutch on Flickr.

Sometimes wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes and there are times that I wonder why people who do wrong appear to prosper….Psalm 73 then comes to mind. For a little while now, I have been battling the human and spiritual natures over a particular thing and today a different verse came to mind:
“The Lord watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but frustrates the ways of the wicked.” (Psalm 146)
Some people may appear to prosper in the short term but in the long term, it is God they will have to face.


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