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Love…. November 13, 2014

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Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.” Leo Tolstoy

Unlike the song, loving is not easy. In fact it is hard, painful, messy, costly but it is also joyous, wonderful and exhilarating. I never forget being accused of ‘loving too much’ in reference to a team that I was leading. They meant this negatively but thankfully, I received it in a positive light. It was meant in a negative form as they believed that by loving my team, the hard questions would not be asked.
They missed the point – the hard questions were asked BECAUSE I loved the team. It was a necessary part of loving. Love is a two sided coin, hurt and pain on one side, joy and hope on the other. The good news is that love is a special gift and one that can be experienced by all people.
If you lead a team – love them and recognise that love can be costly but it will also be most rewarding.

What happened to our missionary vision? September 26, 2014

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Have we lost our missionary vision? In the Evangelical world, it can sometimes feel that we have lost the same heart and passion for seeing ‘souls saved’ in order that we can see ‘communities transformed’. It is true that one can lead to the other but the reversal of priority order is problematic for the evangelical movement.
It is exciting to see the people fed, sanitation restored, lifestyles improved, the poor cared for and these things should be mightily applauded but if the cost is an eternity in hell rather than heaven, are we selling ourselves and our faith short? Are we becoming satisfied with 2nd best?
In Numbers 32, we see the Reubenites and the Gadites seeking land that was not a part of the promise. Yes, they helped the promised land to be taken but they settled in an area on the wrong side of the Jordan – they forsook the promise for 2nd best.
As evangelicals it is my contention that we get the order right in our mission – souls saved and communities transformed. The former must take priority and the consequences will benefit all of society, otherwise we may fail to take hold of all that God has promised….that would be a shame.

Adaptability September 25, 2014

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As a follow up to my recent post on flexibility, there is a need to talk about adaptability too. Adaptability is different but also exceedingly important.
Adaptability is a gift that allows some individuals to respond with their changing environment. Plans may take a different shape and alter at a moments notice, this is when the team leader requires the skill of adapting. It is not every leader who has this ability but every good team has an individual with this ability. It prevents the project from grinding to a halt, it stops hurdles remaining as a permanent stumbling block and it is the ability to ‘find a way’.
If you are on a route for which there are no roadmaps, you need someone on your team who is adaptable….if you do not have that individual, then it may be wise to find them, before it is too late.

Influence….you just never know… September 24, 2014

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We may never know the influence that we really have, we may never know what impact the words we have uttered will bring into the lives of other individuals. There is something extraordinary in the way we can bring influence to bear, even better when that influence is for good.
A few years back, I was privileged to hear the story of a young man who had grown in wisdom and stature with his home church. Now a leader, he sought me out to share a few things about his life and the direction that he was now pursuing. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. At the end of a bible study programme, he had spoken with me and apparently the words I said, long since forgotten by me (but not him), challenged him to action and a course that would enable his creativity to live. I had no idea….
This week, I spoke with a former work colleague. He shared that I had been influential in his life and that he had considered me to be a mentor during his time in the organisation. I had no idea….
The life you live, the words that you say, the influence you may have may be powerful beyond your lifetime. You just never know the influence that you may be having on the people around you, the changes people are making because you are present….your life, your ways….they are influential, you need to start believing it and acting on it. Make your words a tool for the good, a positive force for others and as you do so, change the world!
Influence…you just never know…

Mentoring? What do you mean? September 22, 2014

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Listening to another conversation, it has been interesting to overhear quite a diverse opinion of what was meant by mentoring. Mentoring, coaching, supervision, training and development were all used interchangeably to mean the same thing – what was meant by the individuals was vastly different. It will be interesting to see how the action points are noted ;-)

Rude to Whisper? – Tosh! September 21, 2014

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How often have you heard it said that ‘it is rude to whisper!’ Probably a lot, especially if you have spent any time around children. Let’s put things straight, it is NOT rude to whisper….sometimes it is necessary and it can be the best way to communicate. Please don’t say it anymore.
It is rude to ignore people that are in the room with you or to deliberately leave them out of the communications that are happening in their presence but the volume of the communication is not the determining factor.
It is not rude to whisper.

Flexibility September 17, 2014

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Flexibility is such an important requirement in any team leadership role. Without it, the team will become an automaton that may well achieve a level of success but may never reach its full potential. Most team leaders remain flexible until they are put under strong or exceptional pressures, rather like an elastic band, when at full stretch their flexibility becomes non-existent.
This is a danger for all leaders and requires a level of self awareness that allows them to draw back, reassess and to begin again. Remain flexible and your leadership will be enhanced, your people will appreciate your willingness to adapt and everyone benefits.

What do you fear? September 9, 2014

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For many of us, we run from our fears and seek to avoid them. What if we chose a different route and move towards them instead? Where would we discover the greatest growth?
Perhaps we need to look at things in a different way, take up courage and move in a different direction.

Temporal Arteritis September 8, 2014

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Temporal Arteritis, otherwise known as Giant Cell Arteritis, is a disease that can regularly cause blindness unless treated very quickly. If diagnosed quickly, eyesight can be saved and the treatment is not difficult, the hardest thing is quick diagnosis.
Symptoms of giant cell arteritis may include headaches, jaw muscle pain while eating and vision loss, sometimes this may be accompanied by weight loss and prolonged tiredness. Getting immediate attention is important because it can lead to blindness or severe visual impairment but the treatment is as simple as taking steroids although there may be need to take them on a long term basis, even years.
I have only recently become aware of this because of a family member who had the symptoms but it was not diagnosed by medics as quickly as we would have liked and it looks as if blindness is the consequence. The same happened for a neighbour and it seems as if it may be more common than I realised. It is always worth a visit to a GP if you have worries…..getting checked is always better than ignoring it, otherwise your life could be transformed…not always for the better.

What if…? September 4, 2014

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What if…..;
we are wrong and those we oppose are right?
we have made the mistake and not the other person?
we have caused the problem and not our friend?
we did not respond well and their response was because of me?
we are creating greater problems and not resolving them like we believe?
we are talking at others and not listening as we perceive?
we don’t have the whole picture and just a part?
we are giving answers to questions that are not being asked?
we need to change?

Yes, what if…..?


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